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UV Cured

The Future of Flooring is now.

Instant floor coatings for concrete/VCT. As the customer demands change, environment safety for the customer and contractor heightens, and high performance is in demand, new systems like Uvolve are reaching the flooring market. DSM, the product manufacture has been leading the UV technology for over 30 years. CoverAll Floors is now the go to contractor when it comes to instant floor, please call us to find out more on this new technology lighting up the flooring industry.

The Uvolve coating line is quickly becoming the product of choice for lab application as well as areas that are time critical:

  • • Instant cure by light
  • • Easy to clean
  • • Sanitize immediately
  • • Less maintenance
  • • Great chemical and stain resistance
  • • Good gloss retention
  • • Cures in cold temperatures
  • • Long lasting


  • • Single component = less waste
  • • Near zero voc emissions = better for the environment
  • • Low odor = less introduce during the application on occupied buildings
  • • Non flammable = increase level of safety
  • • Contributes to LEED certification = Better for everyone

Instant floor over VCT

This is an ideal application where a sealer over VCT with Long lasting protection and gloss retention is the goal. Uvolve is tackling the need for a super sealer over VCT (vinyl composite tile):

  • • Instant cure = fast turn around
  • • Long lasting protection = eliminate daily, weekly, monthly stripping and waxing
  • • Save on overall maintenance cost = free up resources for other projects
  • • Able to enhance slip resistance = better safety